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The contents of this page are out-of-date and are here for historical interest only. Though the java version of FixMeUp! was first, browsers no longer support java Applets and so it's not possible to provide it now. The HTML version is the only version left.

Java versions of FixMeUp!

The Java version of FixMeUp! was first, and was also among the first serious applets written. It won a "Top 5 Percent" award back in 1996.

In case you missed them, here are the Instructions for FixMeUp!.

If you see this line your browser does not understand Java and will not be able to run FixMeUp!

If you have a larger screen, try this bigger version.

If you haven't used FixMeUp! before and want to find out in advance what to expect, check out the FixMeUp! instructions.

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