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FixMeUp! and Fixed Innovations Credits

FixMeUp!, the Fixed Innovations axle, and this website have happened because of the efforts, energy, and friendship of dozens of people in the bicycle industry and in recreational and transportational cycling. In the interest of brevity, only a few are called out here.

Henry Kingman politely pointed out that the old site needed a facelift and then leant his web-design expertise to the effort. He's responsible for the navigation bars and nice short pages. If this site reads as if it's known a professional editor, you're looking at Henry's work.

Victoria Swart, graphic artist extraordinaire, designed the spinning cog image that is now Fixed Innovations' official logo. (Letterhead stationery coming soon.)

Grant Petersen, while at Bridgestone, gave me the RB-1 that got me hooked on fixed gear riding and whose vertical dropouts first posed the problem.

Pardo provided the mental leap that made FixMeUp! possible.

Sheldon Brown created the cog that became our background image, and gave feedback that helped shape the early design of FixMeUp! for Macintosh.

Peter Enright of Phil Wood and Co. arranged and paid for the professional photographs that will soon grace our products page -- including those of his competitors' hubs.

Joshua Putnam, Mark Chandler, and John Bayley, fellow bike-tech nuts, helped in the design of the Fixed Innovations axle.

Ariela picked the color scheme for Java FixMeUp! -- which then migrated to this site.

We adapted the chain image for the navigation bar from Pete Gray's Bicycle Chain Applet.

Bennett Marks helped with the math that makes FixMeUp! go.

Eric House wrote all the Java, C, perl and php code in the various versions of FixMeUp!, and most of the site you're suffering through here. He was working on OpenDoc at Apple when this site was first created, and has since worked at JavaSoft, AvantGo[ne], and another handheld startup that we hope will fare a bit better. Ariela and Brynn call him "Dad." Or worse.

Copyright 1996-2007 by Eric House & Fixed Innovations
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