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FixMeUp! is software that helps you figure out what gears will fit on your fixed-gear or single-speed bike. It's particularly useful for bike frames with vertical dropouts, because on those frames you can't just move the rear wheel to take up slack in the chain.

There are four different versions of FixMeUp!.

First, there's the HTML form version. This will run on any browser (including text-only browsers if you choose the text-only option on the form) and requires no downloading.

Next, there are several Java versions. These require a browser that can run Java applets.

Finally, there is a native version for Wintel computers. This you have to download to your own computer, then run it outside the browser. But once you're done you can run FixMeUp! without a network connection.

We recommend that you start with the Java version if you can, or the HTML version if your browser can't run Java. If you find yourself hooked on FixMeUp!, come back later and snag the native version that's right for your machine.

Enjoy! And be sure to let us know what you think.

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